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D'Hara - Sword of Truth - Rollenspiel (Englisch)

Vilandra Miles

Freund/in des Forums
The Sword of Truth is a series of eleven epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. The books follow the protagonists Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander on their quest to defeat oppressors who seek to control the world and those who wish to unleash evil upon the world of the living. While each novel was written to stand alone except for the final three that were intended to be a trilogy, they follow a common time line and are linked by ongoing events that occur throughout the series.


D'Hara & the Milands - Discover the Truth

Four hundred years have past since the days of Richard and Kahlan, the world has become a much darker and harsh place... Gone are the golden days of unity between the territories. Once again dark shadows begin to rise, foretelling the forthcoming of an enemy, yet unknown.

It is just then that the Mother Confessor for the sake of her people and the Lord Rahl, who once again rules in the established tradition of his house, are forced to form an alliance while gathering their forces in preparation of the battle to come in a treaty of peace that’s as fragile as the body of a single Night Wisp.

The Mord Sith have risen from the ashes, from the shattered temples and broken strongholds back to the banner and call of the Lord Rahl, once again calling their home the People's Palace.

The Confessors of the Midlands alongside with the Wizards and the Sisters of the Light, who found shelter under the roof of the Wizard’s Keep, meanwhile fight to keep that treaty alive, knowing all too well – as past is it's proof – what harm could bring, should the treaty break. Trying with all their powers to calm the common people to keep them safe and their minds sane.

While prophecies and visions torture those blessed and cursed with this particular gift, the commoner draw closer into their communities. The fate of the world this time not resting on the shoulders of a select few, but of everyone living.

Talismans of the past are long gone and a new era seems to rise... Begin your own adventure now... Choose a class and onward to glorious victory or painful death and defeat...

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Das Rollenspiel ist wie bereits ersichtlich ein internationales und findet daher in der englischen Sprache statt. Wir legen hierbei sehr viel Wert auf Rücksicht und gegenseitige Unterstützung. Wer ein Übersetzungs-Tool nutzen möchte, kann dies gern (unterstützend) tun.

Discover the Truth basiert auf den Romanen, allerdings erlauben wir uns visuelle Anlehnungen an die auf die Buch-Reihe basierende TV Serie "Legend of the Seeker". Es ist kein Muß, die Romane oder Serie zu kennen, allerdings empfehlenswert. Wir stehen jedem gern zur Seite, der unsere Rollenspielwelt kennen lernen möchte.

YouTube - Legend of the Seeker

~ Vila ~
The Sidekick

The citizens are the blood, sweat and tears of every land. While they do not hold the prestige of being a noble, they do exercise just as much devotion, and their worth can be measured on how much they contribute.

Citizens can take on many roles, and even multiple roles. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker, are all roles that a citizen would hold. The structure within our roleplay is a serfdom to the respective palaces.

A city works together as a whole to bring in the harvest, and tend to the animals.

As we do have two cities (each the capital of its land) you may choose if you either want to live in Aydindril or the People's Palace. For roleplay reasons we keep some of the typical citizen roles limited to one city, so there is need for trade. Also you will find some of the houses in the cities furnished for special roles. These houses can be used as home in your roleplay.

Roles available and restricted to the People's Palace:
- Farmer (pigs & sheep)
- Clothier
- Blacksmith
- Weaponsmith & Armorer
- Miller

Roles available and restricted to the City of Aydindril:
- Farmer (cows)
- Beekeeper
- Woodcutter & Carpenter

Further Roles available (but not limited to):
- Merchant
- Baker
- Inn Keeper & Wenches
- Butcher
- School teacher
- Rug maker
- Potter
- Fisher
- Servants to the Palaces

While said roles are the most predominant roles in the group, you can also combine classes with other roles to round out your character and add depth and dimension. For instance:
- Merchant/Baker

A baker who also sells their wares in the people's palace, or to the Inn to support travelers. A budding baker might only sell his/her wares around the village while apprenticing to an experienced baker.

Amalthea Lunasea

Neuer Nutzer

Confessors are an order of women first created during the Great War as a means of ascertaining the truth beyond doubt. The Confessors were soon instigated as the rulers of the Midlands, with their leader, the Mother Confessor, acting as the First Chair of the Central Council.

Confessors wear black robes except for the Mother Confessor, who wears white. Their long hair indicates their societal position.

The touch of a Confessor is final. If a Confessor can obtain contact with a person, she can release her power into that person at the speed of thought. A Confessor's power destroyes everything that makes up that person. After having been touched, a person looses his or her sense of self and will do anything and everything demanded by the Confessor. After the application of her magic, the Confessor becomes physically weak and requires a time of recovery before her power and strength are regained.

A Confessor always travels with a wizard, who is assigned to her. He is there to protect her during the recovery period after she uses her power.

Confessors are often the cause of fear, and sometimes hate, among the people. Although they are the final arbiters and are above the law, their power poses a constant threat to anyone near them.

Amalthea Lunasea

Neuer Nutzer


A wizard is a man that can use magic and is the male counterpart to a sorceress.

There are two types of wizards: those born with the gift and those born with the calling. Wizards with the gift are stronger than wizards who simply have the calling, as it is natural to the gifted.

Gifted wizards are able to use either one or two sides of magic. Wizards of old were born with both Additive and Subtractive Magic. As time went on it became less common for wizards to be born with the gift of both sides, until eventually, Subtractive Magic became extinct.

Wizards use the world and the elements around them to use their gift. They can enhance, add to or multiply the effects of something to create great feats. A wizard is capable of things beyond that of a sorceress.

Not much is known about how wizards teach and learn, but what is known is that there is an order to the wizards. A wizard of the First Order is the highest of this order, in command of all other wizards. Other known ranks are simply the Second Order and Third Order.

First Wizard is the title given to the wizard with the ability to pass all the tests to become a member of the First Order and to have more power than any other member of that class. He is the most senior-ranking wizard and has the authority to order any other wizard.


A sorceress is a very formidable gifted woman. Though usually less powerful than their male counterparts, wizards, exceptionally powerful sorceresses are capable of surpassing some wizards.

Sorceresses typically have the use of only Additive Magic, but some, the Sisters of the Dark for example, have succeeded in obtaining the use of limited Subtractive powers, by making promises to the Keeper. They also increased thier own power by absorbing the male Han.

Though less than a wizard, a sorceress is capable of accomplishing extraordinary feats. A sorceress uses the world and elements around her and changes it with her gift. Sorceresses are said to speak in riddles that even wizards find trying.

Amalthea Lunasea

Neuer Nutzer

The Army of the D'Haran Empire is the army consisting of the military forces from D'Hara and all the lands of the Midlands that have willingly come under the rule of the Lord Rahl, in the hope of defeating Emperor Jagang and the Imperial Order. It can be seen as the successor of the People's Peace Army.

Though the terms head of state and commander-in-chief are never used to refer to the Lord Rahl, they accurately implicate the power he possesses. He is the ruler of the D'Haran Empire and the high commander of all military forces that come under his banner.

The D'Haran Army are often directed by a Commanding General, in the absence of the Lord Rahl, but should the Lord Rahl suddenly appear on the field, his orders prevail.

The highest ranking general of the D'Haran Army, outranks all other officers while on the field, second only to the Lord Rahl and Mother Confessor. However, when at the Palace during peace time, the Commander General of the First File is his superior.

The Dragon Corps is Lord Rahl's elite guard. They are never far from him except when on special missions in his direct service. They communicate directly with Lord Rahl through Journey Books. They are superior to all other D'Haran troops and are not answerable to them. They are depicted in Legend of the Seeker as wearing specific breast plates and full helmets unique to the corp.

Vilandra Miles

Freund/in des Forums

The Mord Sith are an elite group of women warriors originating from D'Hara. They were created to defend the master of D'Hara, Lord Rahl, from creatures or people with magic. A Mord Sith has the unique ability to capture others' magic and use it against them. A Mord-Sith is selected from the gentlest and kindest girls in D'Hara and is trained from a young age on three levels. Each time, she must be "broken." The first breaking is a time during which she is tortured to the point of obedience so strong that she would do absolutely anything her master/mistress tells her, without question or hesitation. This part of the training breaks her of her sense of self and personal desires.

During the second breaking, she is forced to watch as her teacher slowly and brutally tortures her mother to death. This is to break her of compassion. The third, and arguably the most difficult, breaking is when she is given the instrument of torture and must inflict pain and suffering upon her own father until she finally kills him. When she has completed this task, the Lord Rahl instills in her the magical ability to take the magic of anyone who uses magic against her. Once a magical being uses magic against a Mord Sith, she can inflict intense pain upon him/her with a thought. He/she has no defense.

Mord Sith wear their hair in a single, long braid and skin-tight leather outfits. They wear red leather, because it hides the blood of their victims better. The only weapon they carry is an Agiel, which has the power to inflict unbearable pain or kill with only a touch. An Agiel appears simple. It is a plain red rod, about a foot long, and about as thick as a finger. It also inflicts pain on the Mord-Sith in charge of the torture. Mord-Sith use the same Agiel that was used on them in their training. In addition to her Agiel, a Mord-Sith may wear armored gloves with spikes on the back when training a captive.

Vilandra Miles

Freund/in des Forums

Lord Rahl is the title given to the leader of D'Hara, who is always a gifted member of the House of Rahl.

One of the earliest known Lords Rahl was Alric Rahl. He created the bond that the people of D'Hara have to the Lord Rahl. The purpose of the bond is to protect his people from the power and influence of the dream walkers.

Anybody who sincerely gives the devotion to the Lord Rahl is then bonded to him. Pure blood D'Harans feel a stronger connection to the bond than those who aren't pure blood. These D'Harans strongest in the bond have the ability to sense where the Lord Rahl is at all times through it.

Devotions (Oath of fidelity):
"Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours."

Vilandra Miles

Freund/in des Forums

The Mud People live in a remote part of the Midlands called the Wilds. They are not used to dealing with outsiders. Their customs are very different from most of the other peoples of the Midlands. In general, they do not care about the problems of others and wish only to be left alone. They can be dangerous. They speak their own language different from the majority of people in the Midlands. Adult Mud People never smile at outsiders until greetings have been exchanged, lest their souls be stolen.

The Mud People place poles to the sides of the trails into their territory, wrapped in skins dyed with red stripes, with skulls fixed atop them. These are the skulls of honored ancestors, meant to watch over their lands and remind the people of their wisdom. Only the most respected are accorded such recognition. It is not meant as a threat to others, it is simply a tradition of honor among themselves. However, one of the ways you get to be revered by the Mud People is by killing outsiders. The skulls of Mud People elders were almost always placed on the poles. One of the worst dishonors to an elder was to bury the skull. It meant his life had mattered for nothing.

Mud People children are tolerated with good-natured smiles; little children are never scolded. When they are older, they are put into strict training where they are taught the disciplines of the Mud People - of hunting, food gathering, and the ways of spirits - but when young they are allowed to be children, with almost free rein to play.

All Mud People eat with their right hand, believing that evil spirits eat with their left hand. They also take great honor in their words and live by them. According to Mud People law, they can not make false offers, false promises, or false threats.

In the Mud People territory, it is customary to greet someone with a hard slap across the face. This is meant to show respect for the other's strength. A closed-fisted slap is common among warrior males, an open palm more common to show a female's strength. While in the village proper, the slaps are soft, hardly more than a pat. Heartier ones are reserved for chance meetings out on the plain, away from the village. The gentler custom preserves order, and teeth.

The hunters typically wear animal skins over most of their bodies. Sticky mud that doesn't wash away in the rain is smeared over the rest of their skin and faces, and their hair is smoothed down with it. Clumps of grass are tied to their arms and to the skins, and stuffed under headbands, making them invisible when they squat down in the tall grass of the Wilds. They typically carry spears and bows and arrows that are poison-tipped. Hunting parties typically travel in groups of 8.

Women are wrapped in simple dresses of brightly colored cloth and often sit in work areas, grinding tava root, from which they make the flat (and flat-tasting) tava bread that is the staple of the Mud People. Sweet-smelling smoke rises from the cooking fires. Adolescent girls with short-cropped hair smoothed down by sticky mud often sit by the women, helping.

The elders typically wear deerskin pants, and are bare-chested. When official events are taking place, they each wear a coyote hide draped around their shoulders.

During banquets, women dress in their brightest dresses and men wear their finest skins, with ceremonial knives at their waists. Their hair is slicked down with sticky mud in traditional fashion.

The Mud People defer to the wisdom and advice of its six elders, who meet under the leaky protection of one of the open pole structures with a wooden floor. Business among the Mud People is conducted in the open, for all to see. The elders are old men, firm in the ways of their past, with grim faces, although they are more friendly than they appear. However, the elders are mostly for show. They are respected, and so are put on display for others to see, like the skulls on the poles. They have authority because they are esteemed, but they are not really in charge. The real power belongs to the Bird Man.

The elders and the Bird Man occasionally hold a gathering, called a council of seers in their spirit house, that no outsider or woman is allowed to attend, except in rare circumstances. It normally requires three days to prepare for the gathering, however in special circumstances the preparations can be reduced to two - one night for the banquet which lasts throughout the night and through the next day, and one night for the gathering itself. Only certain women are allowed to prepare the banquet on the day of the gathering. The council of seers divines the answers to questions that affect the village by talking with the spirits of their ancestors in the Underworld.

Vilandra Miles

Freund/in des Forums

Sisters of the Light

The Sisters of the Light are a group of women who are dedicated to serve the Creator and do his bidding in all things. Each Sister is a sorceress of some skill and has learnt to use their gift for the good of mankind. The calling of the Sisters is to help train young wizards to use their gift, when there is no other alternative.

The Sisters are lead by a Prelate, who has supreme authority over their lives and runs the Palace of the Prophets, where the Sisters reside.

A Sister of the Light can be sent on journeys for several reasons, though the most important missions involve the bringing of a gifted boy to the Palace, because of the rarity of the event.

Sisters of the Dark

The Sisters of the Dark are a covert group of sorceresses, sworn to serve the Keeper of the underworld, who secretly live among the Sisters of the Light pretending to serve the Creator. In return for their loyalty, the Keeper grants them greatly increased powers. Only the leader of the Sisters of the Dark, who acts as the director of the fallen Sisters (much as the Prelate does the Sisters of the Light), knows the identities of all the Sisters of the Dark.

By joining the ranks of the Keepers minions, the Sisters of the Dark are granted greater power than their own talents as sorceresses. Using a device known as quillion, the Sisters drain a wizard of his gift and then undergo a dark ceremony, involving a namble. While undergoing this, the Sister hold the wizards gift within herself and as his essence slips through the veil to the underworld, she allows the Subtractive essence to seep into her. This gives each Sister, to successfully pass this ceremony, limited use of Subtractive Magic.

Once a Sister has completed this ceremony she can absorb the male Han directly from quillion, without having to undergo the ceremony once again.

Most Sisters of the Dark appeare to have a common reason for being seduced by the Keeper. Each Sister joined the side of evil to further her own power. Sisters of the Dark are selfish in the extreme, causing a great deal of horror for the promise of the return of their youth, should the Keeper succeed in being freed from the underworld.

Vilandra Miles

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Neben D'Hara sind nunmehr die Midlands, Heimat der Confessors, Wizards, Mud People und Night Wisps, entstanden. Im Zuge der großen Aufbauarbeiten, gab es auch kleinere Änderungen im Antlitze von D'Hara, um dieses visuell mehr an die Worte Terry Goodkind's anzupassen.

Das Rollenspiel ist nach wie vor international, findet also in englischer Sprache statt. Wer sich in dieser nicht so sicher ist, braucht dennoch nicht verzagen. Unsere Mitspieler sind alle sehr hilfsbereit und außerdem kennt Terry's Welt viele Sprachen, so daß es viele Bewohner gibt, die des D'Haran nicht fließend mächtig sind.

Kommt und besucht Aydindril, die große Stadt der Midlands mit ihrem Confessor's Palace, in welchem die Mother Confessor mit dem Council über die Midlands regiert, dem Wizard's Keep, Wohn- und Schaffensort der Zauberer sowie einer urisch gemütlichen Ortschaft, die ihr täglich Brot mit Holzfällerei, Bienen- und Rinderzucht verdingt.

Auch der People's Palace öffnet seine Pforten jedem Besucher. Mögen die dort lebenden Mord Sith auch finster erscheinen, so ist dieser Palast doch ein offener Ort des Handels, Lebens und Regierens. Und nicht zuletzt die Residenz des Lord Rahl, Master über ganz D'Hara.

Und wer sich in die Wildnis, abseits der Paläste und des Dorfes wagt, wird noch so manch anderes Geheimnis entdecken können. Eventuell gar eigentümliche Kreaturen mit den seltsamsten Gebräuchen kennenlernen...

D'Hara & the Midlands - das Sword of Truth Rollenspiel in Second Life
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The Garden of Life inside of the People's Palace



Inside the "Begging Dog" tavern in Aydindril

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