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Games in Second Life

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ingame Reisetipps & Reiseberichte" wurde erstellt von Kila Shan, 1. Januar 2011.

  1. Kila Shan

    Kila Shan Moderatorin Mitarbeiter

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    Games in Second Life

    Posted by Brett Linden on Dec 31, 2010 6:55:02 PM


    Second Life is a virtual world populated with independent thinkers that share a willingness to experiment and push the art of 3D creation. As the new year arrives, the Second Life editorial team celebrates those who cultivate new ideas and artistry in Second Life. For example, SL is filled with so many interesting games -- many of which are unusual, artistic -- and absolutely innovative.
    One of the key unique aspects of Second Life gaming is that the environments and experiences are created entirely by the Second Life community -- so you'll see a strong independent and richly creative streak in many of the offerings. While some games take inspiration from more traditional gaming experiences, most are absolutely original to Second Life.
    We've rounded up some of our initial favorites into several Destination Guide categories -- including sections devoted to casual, combat, sports, mazes and role-playing games.


    In the Role-playing Games category, you'll find a list of active communities and elaborate 3D environments centered around specific themes like vampires, urban/noir, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, pirates -- and even steampunk. Some of these areas feature advanced combat systems and gaming HUDs that further enhance gameplay with advanced controls and features.


    Not familiar with HUDs? Check out the tutorial video above and our wiki for a complete introduction and FAQ on how to use HUDs in Second Life.

    Many of MadPea Productions' games, such as The Kaaos Effect and The Devil's Labryinth, offer great examples of how HUDs can be used to expand the functionality and fun of Second Life gaming. In mid-2010, the Second Life editors interviewed Kiana Writer of MadPea Productions about her development work and philosophy in using HUDs. You can see video of the interview below.


    Community is a big part of the gaming and role-playing experience in Second Life. One of SL's more prominent role-playing communities City of Lost Angels (CoLA) has a faction (Archaic Redemption) and following that has even caught the attention of an indie movie producer. Find out more about the upcoming film and the role-playing community that inspired it in this exclusive Q&A.


    If role-playing is not your scene, then there are numerous casual games to explore in our general Games category. You'll find classic board games -- such as chess -- as well as new Second Life-specific social games here. Many of these games can be played either alone or with friends. There's also many unique collectible card games where you can gain rewards as you trade and gather rare and hard-to-find cards across the Second Life grid.


    For those who want quicker gaming action, you can get a quick shoot-and-kill fix in one of the many undead-infested areas in our Zombies category in the Destination Guide. But be forewarned -- unlike many Second Life gaming spaces, these spots have no mercy on the unprepared. In many cases, once you arrive, you'll be surrounded immediately by zombies on the attack.


    One of the more surprising gaming trends in Second Life has been the popularity of 3D mazes. In these elaborate labyrinths, you can explore together with friends -- to cooperate or compete -- while attempting to escape. Many of these mazes have hidden surprises and traps that only add to the fun.


    Of course, there are also Sports Games and communities in Second Life. Some of the more popular spots feature hockey, skydiving, sailing, golfing and car racing. In some of these communities, there are even leagues and teams you can join for recurring games and matches against other players.


    In the Destination Guide, you'll find even more fun spots to explore -- but you're only scratching the surface. Hidden deep on the Second Life grid are thousands of places and communities to discover. What are some of your favorites?