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Ghosted - my ava being turned into a spectre

Miriam Himanez

Neuer Nutzer
Ghosted - my ava being turned into a spectre

Login failed.
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When sl doesn't let me login, showing this error message instead, I'm going to get into a bad temper. I patiently wait for the few minutes to elapse before making two following trials. If the result keeps to be the same, it's very possible that my ava has become ghosted and I probably won't be able to login within the following hours or days either. I'm in sl for a little bit more than one year know and I already have been forced three times to deal with the ava-spook. While searching for infos applying to this theme I wondered about me only able to find so few of them. I'm trying to make a summary of what I've read about it up to now:
Caused by a longer known sl-serverbug an ava can be turned into a ghost if something goes wrong while logging out. I'm logged off sl, but my ava keeps, at least partially, staying inworld, blocking all my attempts to come online again with this. Usually she stands or floats at one location motionlessly; but I've seen her drifting threw the air slowly one time, sudden changes of her direction after a while included. Under the keyword "Ghost Detector" there's a side within the sl-Wiki to be found showing a script able to detect ghosts within 96m range. Furthermore you can read about ghosts being motionless and phantom. Well, like I said already, not motionless each time and phantom neither. After attempting to push my last Miri-Ghost I found myself bounced off her regularly. A tp-home or ban doesn't have any effects on ghosts at all. With my ones it was like this, too. They can be seen on the map and are optically visible in most cases too but not inevitable completely. The only safe way to rescue them, is to reboot the sim they're located on. This means calling the sim-owner and if it's mainland writing a ticket to LL. And hoping not to have to wait for help too long afterwards. Furthermore you have some options to make trials by yourself using a second alt and/or let friends help you. Sometimes you can be successful with this:

- pay 1 L$

- give an object from your inventory (Should be copy.)

- write an IM

- send a flood of spam

All these strategies target the server, to make it recognize, that something's not in order and log out the ghost at last. I tried this with my friends very persistently, unfortunately my Miri-Ghost wasn't impressed of it all in any way. At this point there was one last info I had to think about. It's to be found within the Phoenix-docu under the keyword "Ghosted Avatar": It only looks like a ghost being uninterruptedly online. In fact it takes a one minute break for 15 minutes being on. Within this period of time it's actually off and according to this it's possible to log in then, as long as not to try to log in at the same sim where the ghost is located. To hit this one minute window the side recommends to try logging in repeatadly without interruption for 30 minutes at least. I didn't like this proposal and I didn't try it either. Seemed to me too slowly for this short time window and too much dependent on luck too. All like a combination of using a crowbar and fishing in muddy water hoping to make a lucky hit or extinguish the ghost's last spark of live to make it free the account. I had already failed completely using this strategy. What about trying to wake up my ghost from her state of hibernation a little bit, to make her "speak" a little bit, instead of trying to crush her? If it would be possible to access this one minute rest there could be the chance to deal with every ghost because all of them take it. Unfortunately the time intervals vary a little bit, so it isn't possible to forecast the beginning of the minute exactly. But to have fairly enough time to log in, it's absolute necessary to know it as precisely as possible. My Miri-Ghost knows the correct timing. Maybe she tells me about in time if I ask for it often enough, I said to myself and recalled my memory what about her "chat-behaviour" when writing an IM to her: Nearly uninterruptedly on, which means IMs causing no reaction. From time to time in large intervals falsely off. After sending an IM on again at once. In between suddenly off for a short time period showing the "User not online." - message. That must probably be the minute of rest.
First conclusion: Most of the time my ghost tells the truth when asked for her status. Nevertheless if she should lie from time to time she'll turn back to tell the truth immediately after receiving my message.
Second conclusion: The shorter the time interval between two questions, the earlier I know, if the minute has begun.
Suddenly everything seemed to be quite easy: To log out the second alt and log in Miriam would last much too long. So I needed to be online with both for a short while. Luckily I'd read something about and tried it as well not long before. (See sl-Wiki "Running Multiple Viewers" for example.) So I started the second viewer already typing in Miriam's login-data. Afterwards I started to ask my Miri-Ghost how she was doing continuously. Only 1, 2 or 3 letters and then Enter. Such a "question" to ask needs less then one second and it can be hold out for a longer time period without problems. As long as she didn't react the answer was: "I'm on." After approximately 10 minutes I suddenly received the "User not online." - message: "I'm off." It just needed two clicks to choose the second viewer and press "Login". At this moment I had two thoughts: "To spare more time is impossible at best will." and "Are you despaired or completely naive believing to have success by trying this simple method? A few moments later I was on. :grin:
The login had been executed quickly and without problems, but afterwards it became quite laggy. Many prims and a big flood of spam sent to Miri-Ghost before with the objective to crash her, became apparent now. After logging out the second alt it wasn't a big problem anymore. The only thing I'd left to do was to tp to the sim my ghost was located on, to put an end to the haunting finally. When the true Miri would come near her ghost, at latest when touching her, the false one would disappear simply. About 30 seconds after entering the sim, her reflex disappeared from the map before I was able to enter visual range. After a little bit more than half an hour my inventory was accessible again completely. So the two day lasting spook didn't had any affects once apart from my strained nerves and my slightly unsound mind. There's one thing I didn't mention, yet: Of course you have to know the location of the ghost, because you need to get near to it to send it to the everlasting hunting reasons finally. But the crash that had created the ghost in the beginning might have caused that you've got no idea where to search for it. If you've got logging of local chat enabled within your viewer-preferences, you know about the sim at least. Most scanners are able to recognize the ghost but some are not. To locate the ghost on a sim the Ghost Detector script I mentioned above, seems to be a good solution to me. Place it into a little prim and you'll get a simple scanner able to detect a ghost within 96m range. When clicked it shows the exact position in local chat. But you can search for ghosts with it only. It doesn't show normal avas.
Before reaching the end of my article I add something important to know about taken from a comment I received on my original posting in german: Those who aren't able to or don't want to run a second viewer instance, maybe because of their system not being able to handle it, have the option to use a pure text client like, for example, Radegast, for talking with their second alt to their first one. Text clients work on the slowest systems because of the ressource-hungry graphics-processing missing. This causes a significant reduction of the lag you have to expect while being on with two avas at the same time.
Now I'm finally reaching the end of my admittedly long-winded achievements. I wrote down all of this, because:

- About this problem I wanted to carry together as much as I was able to and tell from my own experiences I have made, to help others who have to deal with it too.

- I want to know, if there really aren't more infos to be found about it.

- I want to know the more, if all other ghosts "behave" in chat like my Miri-Ghost. So if you've got problems with spook at the moment, what about checking your ghost referring to this? If I'm right with my presumption, from know on you'll just need a second alt, two viewer instances and less than half an hour to send it back to where it has come from. :)

I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Miriam Himanez

Danziel Lane

Der angegebene Text ist zu kurz. Der angegebene Text ist zu kurz. Der angegebene Text ist zu kurz. Der angegebene Text ist zu kurz.

Passiert mir auch immer wieder, Mona.

Ich mach dann zwischen "Deja" und "vu" einfach 10 Leerzeichen.
Das geht schnell, die Software akzeptiert das als lang genug, und filtert dann in der Anzeige 9 Leerzeichen wieder raus.
Eine ausgesprochen nützliche Funktion des Forums.

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