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I-Reckon -eine postapokalyptische, verfallene RP Sim

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ingame Reisetipps & Reiseberichte" wurde erstellt von Kila Shan, 23. März 2010.

  1. Kila Shan

    Kila Shan Moderatorin Mitarbeiter

    Punkte für Erfolge:

    Gepostet von Limey Linden am 22.03.2010 11:30:24

    The wonderful, post-apocalyptic, urban decay of role-playing area I-Reckon impressed me from the very first moment I visited... but, be warned -- this gritty, industrial area may not always be suitable for those with delicate consitutions. Its creator, Inbred Texan, is fiercely proud of his Southern roots.


    "I am from Texas where life can be as simple or complicated as you make it," says Inbred. "I'm sure that's how it is everywhere but there are terms that have come to describe people like myself that sometimes stick. I've been called a 'redneck,' 'white trash,' or even a 'hillbilly' at times and I just grin and keep on trucking. To me, it's a compliment. To me, being a redneck means that I'm a hard worker who can enjoy the simple things at times. I'm crafty and sometimes the things I create may look old and broken, but they are most definitely functional, and are usually made out of things I have around. That's why I also don't mind the terms 'white trash' and 'hillbilly.' It's all a matter of perception. Throughout my life, I've taken terms that some would consider to be derogatory and turned them into an advantage or a positive. Every culture has its positive attributes, and rednecks definitely have their own style and charm. I've taken several of the stereotypes and ran with them."
    So, while I-Reckon may be full of lawn chairs, trailer parks, abandoned buildings, and hold that certain whiff of death and decay, it's all been lovingly created and is mostly interactive.


    "Its OK to visit I-Reckon and just purely explore with your friends and family," Inbred explains. "I love regions that offer the ability to explore and move around freely without the sense that it's a mall and you have to buy something. Of course, people are still able to purchase my creations from a small store set up on the west side of the sim as it helps me to continue building and expanding my range of builds, but one of the things that I suggest to Residents while visiting is to play with their WindLight settings. I have taken a variety of different photographs using my builds as backdrops for profile pics and other Websites that offer virtual world art. The combination of WindLight and the textures on I-Reckon make for excellent photo shoots."


    Inbred also stresses that it's important that Residents maintain their sense of humor when spending time at an edgy sim like I-Reckon.
    "I would say another thing I hope people get out of their visit is that it's OK to poke fun at yourself, and just let loose and have fun. One of the other things I hope people see is that you don't need to be rich in RL or in SL to have the essentials you need to survive. Not everyone throughout the world lives in mansions and has all the other luxuries that go with being rich. The I-Reckon store hopefully shows that there are cultures and people out there who live day-to-day with just the things they've accumulated over time. Often, merging things together to create a functional tool or item makes their lives easier. I guess that pretty much sums up the I-Reckon experience for me personally: I've combined a variety of skills and tools which I've established over time and created some functional builds for people to enjoy."


    As I-Reckon continues to grow and change in the future, expect more additions and variations to the land. But one thing is certain: Inbred is going to continue with the post-war 'redneck' style, that's for sure.
    "I actually love the ability to learn as I grow and continue to build my skill set while I work towards a final goal. I hope to have something that everyone can enjoy, chuckle at, or spend some time at with their friends and family."
    I-Reckon that sounds like a damn fine idea.