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Linden Road Community - Mainland Mission

kitten Mills

Hey ya'll,
On the wall at the LRC is a leader board with the names of those participating in the Mission. It's not a leader board of rank, just a board to highlight those that are brave enough to take this Mainland Mission! (Plus, it helps me keep track:))
The second Mission hint will be released on Wednesday to those names on the leader board. The second hint will be released via group notice and posted up at the LRC on this coming Thursday.
*Please note* I will be replacing the first hint posted up with the second hint at the LRC. So please make sure you have a copy of the first hint that will be in group notices for two weeks. Also, don't forget to get your Mission journal from the hint wall. It's free and helpful - just drop the hints and your hint submissions in there and you can keep them all in that journal for your own organizational use:)
I want to explain about the transition from the first to second hint - the first hint gets you to a location. It is from that location where the first hint leaves off is where the second hint will begin. I suggest starting the second hint at the location of the first hint.
I'm not sadistic enough to have hint locations at opposite ends of the grid!
For those that may be having difficulty with the first hint:
-- Look carefully at the letters on the hint. I never capitalize anything unless it's important enough to be pointed out.
-- If a pod route is listed on the hint, that means that the location is directly on that pod route, so it might be helpful to ride that pod.
-- The background of the hint snapshot is the end location. Once you find it, you take a picture of the location with you in it (I've received some awesome snaps already!) Then put that picture into a notecard with the slurl of the location or LM and include your name. It's easy, I promise! :)
-- There are route maps and historical grid maps at the LRC that will help you pinpoint hint locations.
-- All hint locations are on Mainland. There will never be a hint location on a private non-Mainland region.
As with all things, if you need further help just contact me and I'll help you.
We have our first team participating this year! Which I am excited about!
This is how teams for our Mainland Mission works:
** At least ONE team member must be a LRC group member. But ALL team members must be a LRC member in order to receive the end of Mission individual certificates and the special one of a kind gift.
Select one member of that team to submit their hint answer to me and please include your team's name. Your team name can be anything you'd like.
The team as a whole will have a certificate of completion with all the members of the team's name on it pride of place at the LRC.
Reminder of Mission Rules:
1. Your draw distance must be lower than 144.
2. You may ask for hint help in group chat, but don't ask for the hint location out right, as that isn't fair to the hardwork of others.
3. Respect property of others.
4. Working in teams is allowed.
5. Hint submissions are due before next hint is released
6. Sumissions: Snapshot of the hint location with you in it, along with the slurl/LM and your name and send to Asadora Summers.
7. Don't be a douche.
8. Hint flyers posted at the LRC on the hint wall will be replaced with the next hint. So, be sure to save the hints that are posted in group notices. You have two weeks to do this.
The purpose of our Mainland Missions are to inject some nostalgia, encourage networking and help you to realize that it's perfectly okay to be sentimental in our Second Lives. Also, to see locations and meet others that you may haven't met before and finally to use the resources that are already at our disposal on Mainland, for Mainland is for All.
My oldie adage monolouge:
Remember, back in the old days if someone had made something and they were SO HAPPY about making it, even if it was just texturing a prim? They were absolutely over the moon and wanted to show anyone and everyone! And the other person would stop what they were doing and give the time to the person and be as happy for them too.
It was a thing we all did back in the day. It wasn't about what they actually made, it was about that person enjoying their joy and relishing in it enough to -want- to show everyone because they did something themselves. And it is hard to resist sharing in another person's infectious joy in that regard, plus it was often inspiring. Also, it would often help those that were more to themselves to go beyond their 'fear' and simply -just- live in their own joy of public expression for a while.
Objects and prims are fleeting in SL and these things aren't tangiblephysically; however, they help to build memories and it is memories that we take from Second Life, memories and experiences.
Sorry for the long-winded notecard, but I wanted to make sure that I covered questions and gave answers to those questions. I don't want anyone to feel left out or unaware.
One last thing:
Don't forget there is a lucky dip at the hub of Mainland gifty things I made. You'll have to search out the lucky dip at the hub. Consider it a 'mini-mission' but with instant gratification:)
You get a lucky dip chance once a day. There might be a LRC Gnome in there...
Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards,

Falls jemand noch Hinweise benötigt

Nachtrag: Hier noch der Link zur Gruppe: secondlife:///app/group/1c3f99b1-71c8-b919-fbe5-3e06f3a424ca/about
Zuletzt bearbeitet:

kitten Mills

Noch ein Tip.. den Text genau lesen hilft sehr, da steht die Lösung quasi schon drin.

Wäre schön zu wissen, obs noch wer probiert hat.

Jasmin Ewing

Aktiver Nutzer

irgendwie klappt das mit dem Bild einfügen scheinbar nicht so richtig (oder ich hab einfach nicht den richtigen Durchblick) ... hier nochmal der Link zum Bild: https://prntscr.com/nm3ftp

Kila Shan


irgendwie klappt das mit dem Bild einfügen scheinbar nicht so richtig (oder ich hab einfach nicht den richtigen Durchblick) ... hier nochmal der Link zum Bild: https://prntscr.com/nm3ftp

Und weiter gehts, diesmal erkläre ich das Bilder hochladen im Forum.

Da gibt es zwei einfache Methoden, wahrscheinlich noch mehr, aber ich beschränke mich auf zwei ;-)
Die einfachste Methode ist die, dass man die Bilder auch auf SLinfo ablegt. Dadurch braucht man keinen externen Bilder Uploader mehr und man hat die Gewissheit, dass die Bilder auch noch nach 6 Monaten zu sehen sind.

Im Antwortfester rechts klicken auf "Datei hochladen", dann einfach das Bild auf der Festplatte aussuchen, hochladen und dann kann man entscheiden, ob man es als Miniaturansicht oder als Vollbild haben möchte.

Anhang anzeigen 28124 Anhang anzeigen 28125

Die zweite Mehthode ist die althergebrachte, mit einem externen Uploader, oben auf das kleine Bildsymbol klicken und einen Link einfügen.

Anhang anzeigen 28126

Wie man über Flickr hochlädt, weiß ich nicht, das könnte jemand anderes beschreiben, ich habe dort keinen Account.

Jasmin Ewing

Aktiver Nutzer
Danke Kila, Methode 2 habe ich mit dem zusätzlich geposteten Link durchgeführt aber das Bild erscheint nicht.
Aber ... eine weitere Diskussion darüber würde diesen Thread zerstören.

kitten Mills

Und hier die Vierte und letzte Mission für den Monat Mai. Wir gehen heute Abend auf die Suche.

Sorry I am late with the last MMM hint:/ I just woke up
There is no picture in this hint, it's just the hint words.
Once you are ready to continue your quest, continue in the direction as you were before
There are cliffs coming up on your right and left, so be careful not to crash!
Argh argh my matey!
Thar be pirates 'ere!
Aye aye, Captain!
The name of this sim you are lastly entering, is the name of a fellow explorer of the seas.
Before you see the light of the two lighthouses on either side of the water channel, you'll see your final destination on your left.
(Once you have ended your quest, take a picture of the location with you in it along with a slurl of the location - send it to me in a notecard.)
Please give me some time in order to create your certificates. It's only me here. lol
Again, sorry for being late - I had a busy day yesterday and last night, so I over slept.
Kind Regards,

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