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Racers Island

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ingame Reisetipps & Reiseberichte" wurde erstellt von Kila Shan, 25. Februar 2010.

  1. Kila Shan

    Kila Shan Moderatorin Mitarbeiter

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    Gepostet von Limey Linden on 22.02.2010

    Racers Island offers high-speed, drifting, karting, and stock car racing on a choice of eight tracks. There’s also a huge mall featuring great car builders and race gear creators from all over Second Life.


    Eddie Mathieson has been a Second Life Resident for three years and joined out of curiosity because of his background in 3D graphics and animation. The Canada-based racing enthusiast has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 30 years, so it’s no surprise that he stays on top of the latest racing trends and tries to bring them inworld.
    "Racers Island is one of the most radical, revved up racing sims around," claims Mathieson. "Whether you are looking to see cutting edge building in Second Life, or you like to zoom around in realistic, fast cars and tracks that adhere to real-world physics, or simply like to find some super shopping and a place to gather with friends and relax in our spacious Racers Lounge -- Racers Island is a must see spot in Second Life!"
    And Eddie has a great deal to be proud of. With four league races a week and hundreds of visitors every day, Racers Island is always evolving and innovative.
    "3D virtual environments have always inspired me to have no limits in my creative abilities," says Mathieson. "With 10 years experience in 3D design and animation, Second Life offered me a chance to build, design, learn, and to meet some great people along the way. Ideas flowed so I went on to build houses and finally I purchased a car and have been hooked ever since. After learning how races take place and how to organize them in Second Life, an idea to bring something not done in-world took shape. Racers Island began with three tracks: an oval banked track, a high-speed track, and a drift track. As soon as Linden Labs enabled us to build as high as 4,000 meters, I couldn't stop creating new tracks which became favorites to many resident racers, to the point of having eight tracks rezzed at all times."


    In almost three years of owning Racers Island, Eddie has built over 32 different tracks and is always getting better at creating circuits that work well with the league cars that are offered for sale in the mall. But don't worry if you’re new to racing inworld. Racers Island welcomes fresh drivers with open arms as well as old hands.
    "Our tracks are free for everyone to use," says Mathieson. "Only cars and motorcycles are allowed to run. Anyone can rez their own or purchase one. There’s a variety of cars and bikes of all sorts to suit your needs, from a simple cruising car to a fun 'just for laughs' silly car. For the more serious, we also offer tunable cars with many extra options. Tracks are open 24/7 to practice. The events start off with qualifications of all drivers in groups of three. Once the gate info has recorded everyone's fastest times, we then race in one or two sub-races and the winners move up and race the fastest drivers. Up to L$2,000 is paid out at each race. We run three series at the moment with open-wheel on Tuesday, drift cars on Thursday, and stock cars on Sunday. We also have a kart series on Saturday that is managed by John Alturas of KJ Karting. Our series run for 15 races each, points are awarded after each one and are all posted on our Web site right after. At the end of each season, we celebrate with a huge formal award presentation with personalized trophies, live DJs, and lots of fun!"


    Eddie has six new track designs and concepts right now and says he never gets fed up of building. He always aims to provide a venue of fun and laughter, with the only stress being the hard-edged competition of racing. By the sounds of things, Racers Island should keep going from strength-to-strength with Eddie at the helm.
    Eddie has many people to thank including Scooters Frog, Lilliana Vollmar, Hirez Hotshot, Nella Boccara, Stephanie Bosch, Scottie Easterman, Brave Ashbourne, and Bumblebee Nakumara, his general managers and best friends. He also thanks his scripter, Ichtyo Broome, Haru Kappler who helped create the open-wheel cars, and his old friend CharlyM3 Foden, a close friend, fellow racer, and biggest inspiration. Last, and by no means least, Eddie thanks Piper Tornado who not only makes all his outfits and clothing, but is also his biggest supporter, and the one person who has kept him sane over the years!