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Second Life Still Going Strong

Dieses Thema im Forum "Medienberichte über Second Life" wurde erstellt von MystyMiracle DeCuir, 21. März 2012.

  1. MystyMiracle DeCuir

    MystyMiracle DeCuir Moderatorin Mitarbeiter

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    Second Life Still Going Strong
    Is your avatar still active?

    By Chris Richardson · March 16, 2012 · 3

    Remember the video game/simulation Second Life? A few years ago, it was a big topic of conversation, as droves of people and companies looking to expand their marketing base scrambled to develop Second Life accounts and avatars. While it may have been viewed as an online version of The Sims, the social networking aspect made Second Life even more than the game that perhaps inspired it.

    Almost as quickly as its popularity rose, Second Life star appeared to be falling, at least in regards to it being used as a social media marketing tool for major brands and companies. When these reports started appearing, the assumption was Second Life would die a quiet death. In fact, two years ago, the company responsible for the game–Linden Lab–reduced its workforce, and saw the departure of then-CEO, Mark Kingdon. All things considered, the end of Second Life looked like an inevitability.

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