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TRAX Live Music Resource Center

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ingame Reisetipps & Reiseberichte" wurde erstellt von Kila Shan, 18. Februar 2010.

  1. Kila Shan

    Kila Shan Moderatorin Mitarbeiter

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    TRAX Live Music Resource Center

    Gepostet von Silver Linden on 15.02.2010

    Second Life rocks.
    Every day musicians from across the globe log on and play their hearts out for fans. But just like in the Real World, the path to rock star glory is paved with potholes. Booking gigs, setting up streams, and just gaining exposure are all obstacles the SL musician must face, and that's where the TRAX Live Music Resource Center comes in, a build dedicated to helping musicians get the most out of their SL experience. Born out of owner Bones Writer and programmer Tangle Giano's mutual desire to create a level playing field for musicians in SL, TRAX provides services to all SL musicians regardless of skill or experience level, from listening booths where they can post their songs to regular tutorials on live streaming and booking gigs. All artists featured at TRAX's listening booths also receive equal placement, making it easy for Residents, as well as venue owners, to listen to and discover many artists at once.
    I recently sat down with Bones, who spoke candidly about his experiences as an SL musician, why he founded TRAX, and how he'd like to see the music scene grow in the future.​

    Tell us about the origins of TRAX, how did you first get involved in the SL music scene and what made you think a place like this was necessary?

    I'm a professional musician in real life and I originally came to Second Life to explore playing music online. When I first got here the economy was flourishing with all the casinos and gambling. It was quite easy to get hired and play paid dates for a reasonable fee. I played several shows but then like most of us got stuck on a pose ball for a couple of months. Eventually I bought my first sim and started building clubs and malls and trying to make something to sell. I started to fool around with streaming my mp3's into SL from my server to my land. Eventually this led me to the idea of building an SLCD that would work in SL by streaming mp3's from my server to the land but also would deliver mp3 songs digitally to the user's pc. At the same time I had also been playing with these collision platforms I had made that changed the land stream when people stepped on them. It was a way to let people hear my music when I wasn't performing live and eventually it led to my idea of building the TRAX Listening Booth.
    But it wasn't until about a year and a half ago that TRAX would become a reality. It happened when I met Tangle Giano, a high level programmer in RL and a wonderful person, at a music event in SL. We started talking about mutual ideas and interests in music education, streaming, building, scripting and the future of live music in SL. We took both of our ideas and knowledge and combined them together to form TRAX, an educational resource center that would help both old and new musicians get set up to play live in SL and give them a place to market and sell their music, drive traffic to their websites, and get SL bookings. When Tangle and I started TRAX there was no one place in SL to find out how to play live music here. There were no SLCD's and no listening booths. You had to go to many places to find out about streams and how to connect and what to use. And there was no place here for artists to market their music, it was all individual and scattered. We both felt a need to have a place in SL that was dedicated to live music and wanted to create a place where musicians could all play nice together. Educating musicians and giving them a place in SL to learn how all this stuff works was an integral part of the design.​


    What does an aspiring musician need to start playing gigs in SL?

    Actually anyone can download a broadcast software package such as Butt Broadcaster, Winamp or Nicecast off the net, rent or use someone's shoutcast stream and sing or play right through their computer mic. But to sound good we recommend that they get a simple external 4-track mixer with some reverb, EQ, and basic effects. The better the equipment the better you'll sound here.

    In what ways do you think Second Life benefits musicians trying to get their music heard?

    We see more professional musicians coming here everyday. I think alot of them are starting to see the benefits of playing to a live audience in a virtual world. Some come to drive more traffic to their web sites, some are trying to build a larger, more international fanbase and sell more real life CD's and others are here just for fun and to play music. I've heard lots of moaning about the music industry [dying] but my feeling is it's time to stop whining about it and embrace the new technology and the opportunities it offers us as independent musicians to create something new out of all of this. Second Life offers us a whole new way of getting our music out to the world and this 3D environment is an incredible creative tool to mold the new music industry into a new shape. Even the sky is not the limit in a 3D world where we can create anything our minds imagine!

    How would you describe the current state of live music in SL and where do you see it going in the future?

    Where [music] can go in the future is only limited by how many people you can fit on your sim before it crashes, haha! I really do believe the next step is musicians playing live together. The solo dates are fun but the beauty of playing live with another musician in real time is way too exciting, not only for the listener but for us as musicians! Maybe Linden can make a multiplayer music button next to the 'Talk' button that would allow us to play live dates together in real time. We've had a Ninjam server here at TRAX but the complexity and equipment needs have discouraged many musicians.
    Live music video is another place I see in the future. I'm hoping that Linden opens up more types of live video streaming other than just QuickTime, which has limited alot of musicians from using it. I believe if Linden added more types of video streaming here we would see alot more musicians use live video broadcasting and everyone would benefit!

    What's the overall goal for TRAX, what do you hope people take away from it after visiting?

    Our overall goal, like any sim in SL, pay the tier fees every month, haha! But really our hope is that musicians and everyone who comes here sees that it's a whole new music industry for musicians and listeners and we as artists need to push the envelope and embrace this technology and use this beautiful 3D medium to its fullest to keep live music flourishing. And most important HAVE FUN! Life is way too short!
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